ajcastle (ajcastle) wrote,

I love the CW...and here's why

Yesterday's post brought about a new world of possibilities for me as a blogger. I started this as a means to talk about my writing -- which I still plan to use it for by the way (oh, hush! You know you love it!) -- but, it's also fun to use as a place to post my observations. About what? Well, I guess that remains to be seen, but most likely will have nothing to do with anything important. Such as today's subject.

The CW. Oh, how I love it. Every show I've ever felt 'must see this show or I may die' about has been on the CW (aka the WB). I started my love affair with them when Dawson's Creek was on. Oh, how I loved that show. So much angst...*sigh*. I adore angst.

Now, I have grown up a bit in the years since Pacey made me swoon, but not as much as my husband probably would have liked. I still enjoy the mortification of the one boy you think you can't live without, rejecting you. But now, I enjoy it even more with a bite in the neck or some demons chasing you through an abandoned asylum. It's just better that way, don't you think? As if high school wasn't traumatic enough...

As I've stated multiple times before, my favs are The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Who can resist a tortured bloodsucker in love or a pair of sexy demon hunter brothers? Not I, not I. What I love most about the CW is that they will take a semi-serious show such as Supernatural, which is based on two brothers who hunt down monsters and ghosts, effectively saving the world on a daily basis (not to mention the obvious big deal of the apocalypse looming this season!) and they saturate it in gut busting humor. I swear, I laugh more while watching that show than I do in any show labeled a comedy. The writing is genius. Pure genius. Seriously, it is.

So my recommendation? Tune in on Thursday's and check out both The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. I promise you won't be disappointed. You will find yourself being intrigued with and possibly even crushin' on Stefan, Damon, Dean and Sam. But just remember -- Sam is mine. I'm staking claim, right here and right now. (Get it? Staking? *snort*) ;)

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