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Music as inspiration

Many writers use music as a way to inspire or stave off writer's block. I'm no different in that regard. When I wrote Mythic I had a playlist of around 20 songs on my i-pod that I played over and over and over as I wrote. Some scenes in my book actually revolved around one song in particular, for example: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday was a huge inspiration for one scene in particular, Everything by Lifehouse was for another. The other songs were ones that really just put me in the right frame of mind to get into the world and kept the creative juices flowing.

This time as I've been writing Reaper's Kiss, I've had a playlist, but I haven't used it as much. I'm not sure why? Maybe because the whole book has such a dark/sad undertone that most of the songs had a sad feel. But I wrote most of it without music -- maybe that's why it was a harder book to write? I have no idea.

There were a few scenes that certain songs played a big roll in. Sara Barielles' Gravity was a big help in writing one scene -- a very heartbreaking scene in my mind. *sniff*. But yesterday, I was writing a scene that was in essence a goodbye scene. I wanted it to be beautiful, passionate, and heartbreaking. I needed inspiration, and I found that inspiration in music  again. I found the perfect song that conveyed everything I wanted to say in the scene, and then some. I love it when that happens. When everything clicks into place and it all suddenly makes sense. It proved to me, once again, that music can be a huge driving force behind the creative process. I make a playlist for each book I write, containing songs that pertain specifically to the book itself and others that just helped keep me on track while writing. I think it's a really good idea for every writer to use what works for them to keep writing. Whatever that may be. 

So, in closing, I'll share the song that inspired me to write a very heartbreaking yet beautiful scene yesterday. The song still makes me want to smile and cry at the same time. Powerful words, powerful message.

If Today Was Your Last Day (Album Version) - Nickelback</div>


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