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Happy Endings

This is something that's been on my mind since I finished the last book of a series last night (the last book that' s out right now -- more to come!). I absolutely hate when books end leaving me feeling sad or angry. I really do. When I read the third and fourth installments of this particular series, I was so upset with the author for doing what she did to one of the characters. Actually, I was mad at the end of the second too, but not quite as much. Now, I'm all for an emotional experience when reading, in fact, I prefer it. But, I guess I'm just a sucker for a happy ending. No matter how much the character goes through, I want there to be a light at the end of that long, dark, dismal, tunnel. I don't like when that light just seems further and further away.

When it comes to romantic story lines, I want those characters to end up together -- no matter what. Most authors are very good at making their characters suffer to be together, or to make being together some sort of challenge. But in the end, I want them together. Period. In this series I'm reading, throughout the whole 1-3 books, these characters fight falling in love, and when that fails they fight being together, but finally, FINALLY in the 3rd book they get together. Only to have the MC's love interest sort of die in the next chapter. I say sort of because it's a vampire story and he gets turned. So I read on to the next book, hoping against hope that he'll be the 'good vampire'. That somehow he'll beat the odds and maintain his soul (like Angel!). But no, he's evil so of course SHE has to kill him -- but she fails. So now, we go into the 5th book with hope that she can somehow save him from being evil -- again.

What makes me so angry is that through 4 books, the MC has suffered, in one way or another, and now, she's supposed to kill the man she loves? Nuh uh, no fair! I have a feeling by the real end of the series things will end happily, but if they don't I'll seriously be steaming mad. I just don't like a sad ending. Real life is sad/hard enough that I want to read 'happily ever after'. Maybe that's sappy or stupid, but it's my preference. I want to read about people getting what they want in the end -- after all their struggles, why shouldn't they?

What is so funny about this whole issue is that in my WIP, the ending is not necessarily happy. Just in case it ever get's out there I'm not going to spoil it but, well, there it is. So, am I a hypocrit then? Maybe so, I don't know. Maybe I just know what's best for my characters in the end so it doesn't FEEL wrong to end that way? I can't really explain it or defend myself in any way. I like the ending, but I'm pretty sure some people won't. The more I think about it, even though my heart aches after reading that book yesterday, maybe that's the sign of a good story, a compelling story. Even though it made me sad and angry, it still made me leave feeling something. I guess that's the point. Maybe a sad ending isn't such a bad thing after all.

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