ajcastle (ajcastle) wrote,

Gotta love a bad boy

Seriously, what is wrong with us women? Why do we insist on getting our panties in a bunch over bad boys? What is it that is so devastatingly attractive about them? Why does danger lure us in and ensnare us it is web? Think of some of the most loved male characters, the ones who have girls screaming, crying, and throwing themselves on the floor in shrieks of adoration. 99.9% of those characters are the epitome of badness (word?).

In writing my newest WIP, my male character is not necessarily a 'bad boy', but he's not really a 'good boy' either. He's drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous, sarcastic and gruff -- who doesn't love that? His ability to be nasty is what makes me swoon at writing him.

Now let's talk about a new recently released title. I bought (yes on release day) Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzgerald. She has done an AMAZING job of making her male hero (or whatever he is because I haven't read far enough to know yet!!), Patch, just seep sexiness. How has she done this? By making him seem dangerous. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but oh, boy do we want to know. He's mysterious, dark, and provocative. You can't help but want more -- even though a small (or maybe large) part of you is a little afraid of him. Your heart starts thumping at just the mere mention of his name or the sly way he barely grins. It's magnificent. Really.

There is nothing I love more than a bad boy. It's a sickness, really. But just what is it about them that makes us crazy?


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